A Change of Plan

I am now completely independent, having finished my previous job.  That was a big step, it is now do or die… well, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean.

The original plan of just doing inventories has gone.  After I got bored of eating snacks during lockdown, I started to look at online training.  I earned some certificates and had a rethink about my overall business model.

I am now able to look after empty properties between tenancies. I do weekly checks on empty properties, Legionella risk assessments, portable appliance testing and of course inventories, working with local letting agents and private landlords to make sure the dwelling is ready for a new tenancy.

My appointment book is filling up steadily. I have tested my systems and most worked well.  A few tweaks were needed, but nothing too drastic. I have found this to be a steep learning curve, I have never had control over my own diary nor produced an invoice.  These are all new experiences to me, and quite exciting.

The occasional quiet day gives me a chance to catch up on coursework. The training has not stopped, I hope to have a further announcement about that soon.

MB Inventories is now trading, open for business and taking bookings, covering the whole of Pembrokeshire for your empty property needs.

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