Vacant Property Check

Is your rental property unoccupied between tenants?

Your rental property can deteriorate between lettings and your insurance policy may lapse if your property is left vacant or unattended for a period of time.

This is also true of a property left empty during a sale.

MB Inventories, based here in Pembrokeshire and fully insured, can assist.


Your property can be visited every 7 days on your behalf to check the outside is secure and no damage has occurred from the bad weather, vandalism or other criminal activity, including fly tipping. If the garden is starting to look unkempt, with your prior permission, a contractor can be arranged to mow the grass or tidy the outside area. This can be particularly helpful to enhance the kerb appeal for a property on the sales market.


The inside will be checked to ensure it is dry and secure and free from damage eg. pests, water damage from leaks etc.

Post will be removed from view so it seems to a casual observer that the property is not left unattended. By arrangement, the post can be forwarded to another address.


All toilets will be flushed and water outlets including showers will be run to turn over the water system to minimise the risk of Legionella.


You will be alerted if your property feels excessively cold during the winter months, with a risk of water pipes bursting.

Security and Your Peace of Mind

Your property will be left with all windows and doors secured and a report emailed to you, with time stamped photographs as validation. This will be carried out weekly for the duration of the void period.

What You Can Do Next

Contact MB Inventories to book your Vacant Property Checks or to discuss any queries you have. Your property assessor holds a current DBS certificate. We also offer other services to help you before the start of a new tenancy.

  • PATesting – any portable electrical appliances left in the property for the tenants’ use must be shown to be safe.
  • Inventory – to resolve or avoid any dispute at the end of a tenancy, especially relating to damage or cleanliness.