Independent Inventory Clerk

Why is is so important to use an independent inventory clerk?

The inventory report is a crucial document, only the tenancy agreement is more important. This is the evidence that will be presented to the government approved deposit scheme in the case of any dispute or claim.  If the report is compiled by an independent company, and signed by all parties, it will be unbiased.

If the report is created by the landlord or letting agent, or even the tenant, it has to be declared that it is not impartial.

By using a dedicated inventory clerk, you can also take advantage of years of experience and training they will have accrued.

Another advantage is the time it takes to capture the data, take photographs, check the cleanliness, read the meters, test the alarms and put the report together in a clear, easy to read format ready for the tenant and landlord or agent to sign off. This is a huge saving in time for the instructing party.

Contact me to answer any questions you may have about property inventories.

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