Fingers Crossed

Easing of Lockdown

The careful lifting of COVID restrictions and the roll out of routine testing and the vaccinations seem to be giving people hope, and I can sense a change in attitude.  We are still vigilant but more relaxed, not afraid to smile from a distance, but the hand gel is never far away.

Shortage of Rental Stock

As a knock on effect of COVID, people from cities are re-evaluating their working practices and realising that they do not have to physically be in the office five days a week.  The commute is not every day, so they can live further away from work.  Homes in rural areas are even more desirable, with less populated areas like Pembrokeshire looking very appealing.  Vendors are enjoying a buoyant market.

Landlords are facing ever tighter regulations and some are opting to take advantage of the rise in house prices and selling their rental properties.  Letting agents are crying out for stock, many in the area have run out of available properties.

Backlog of EPCs

Tenants are now happy for me to visit their homes to carry out EPCs, so I have been working through the backlog to get everything up to date.  I meet some lovely people who welcome me warmly into their homes.  Even the pets seem pleased to see me – cats, dogs, snakes… (she was a beauty!).


I managed to catch a glimpse of Wally, the Atlantic walrus who is spending some time in Tenby. From the distance I was standing, he could have been anything rolling around in the water… a seal, a dog… I got a couple of poor quality photographs, but when they were enlarged, Wally could clearly be identified by his tusks.

Looking Forward

I hope that a safe end is in sight to COVID restrictions and everyday life can return to a normal with which we all feel comfortable.  I also hope the housing market will find a balance, more stock will become available and people will be able to find the homes they want that suits their current situation.

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