Mid Term Inspections

What is a Mid Term Inspection?

Sometimes called a periodic inspection, it is as its name suggests, an inspection of a property part way through a tenancy term carried out every 3, 6 or 12 months. It involves a tour of the property, taking photographs (with the tenant’s permission) and making notes, but does not involve too much disruption to the tenant. A mid term inspection is a good opportunity to spot issues before they worsen, or monitor areas of concern over a number of months to see if action is needed. You might have questions about how a tenant is looking after your property. Is the house aired? Is there a pet living at the property? Are they using the property to run a business? Have they painted the lounge lime green and fuchsia without seeking approval?

Sometimes tenants rather a face to face interaction than make a telephone call about the dripping tap, for example.

Upon completion, the report containing date stamped photographs and written descriptions of any issues, will be emailed to the instructing party

Who Can Carry Out a Mid Term Inspection?

Landlords can carry out their own inspections, but often it is preferable to use an independent party to keep a degree of separation. An independent inventory clerk has the training, experience and insurance to carry out mid term inspections. Some will also hold a DBS certificate for your and your tenant’s peace of mind.

What You Can Do Next

Contact me to arrange a mid term inspection on your property. Supply me with your tenant’s contact details (with their permission) and an appointment will be made with them to carry out the inspection.