What Is an Inventory?

An inventory,  sometimes called a check-in report, documents everything within a property, highlighting any areas of damage or lack of cleanliness before the start of a tenancy. It is a very important document, second only to the tenancy agreement. It will be signed by the tenant and will be an essential piece of evidence to present to an adjudicator should there be a formal dispute at the end of a tenancy. 

Based in Pembrokeshire, MB Inventories provide reports that list and describe every item within a property from the colour of the ceiling to the floor coverings, window dressings and light switches and everything in between, supported by date-stamped photographs. Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms will be tested and the landlord or agent notified immediately if there is an issue. Utility meters will be read and included in the report.

Why Have an Inventory? 

A well compiled, thorough inventory can avoid conflict or dispute when a tenancy ends by providing both parties with an accurate assessment of the property. It will also serve as a comprehensive guide for the tenant to return the property to its original state.

It is strongly recommended that even unfurnished properties have an inventory report compiled in case proof is needed that the bedroom was not fluorescent green before the tenants moved in, for instance.

Can I Do It Myself?

Yes you can. But, the adjudicators at the government approved deposit schemes prefer an independently compiled report. A good inventory takes time, an eye for detail and a methodical approach, so it is recommended that you use a fully qualified inventory clerk. 

What You Can Do Next

Contact me to book your inventory to help protect landlords’ investments and tenants’ security deposits, safe in the knowledge that your inventory clerk is fully insured.