What is an EPC?

An EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate is a document showing how energy efficient a building is.  It contains graphs similar to the type found on household appliances and recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of the building.  Some of these measures may be cheap and easy to do, others require a larger investment.

An EPC is valid for 10 years and can be used as many times as required within that 10 years.

Why Do I Need an EPC?

Before a property is put on the market for sale or let, the vendor or landlord must have an EPC commissioned if no valid EPC already exists for it.  The EPC rating must be displayed on all marketing as soon as it is available.  This gives prospective buyers or tenants the correct information and advice on improving the energy performance.

Can I Do It Myself?

For an EPC, DEC or ACIR to be valid, it must be lodged by an accredited energy assessor on 1 of the 2 Energy Performance of Buildings Registers (EPB Register).  The Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register holds EPC data for dwellings. [www.gov.uk]

So, no. Only a qualified and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) can carry out and lodge an EPC. Please note that all DEAs have to hold a current DBS certificate.

What You Can Do Next

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